Thursday, March 23, 2006


Whew. Finished the baby booties and gave them to the girl who will give them to her cousin who will wait til her preemie gets big enough to wear them. I felt the obligation to work on them when it did not nurture me to do so, and I'm glad they're out of the house. I promised her another pair, mostly in seed stitch, (ahhhh) so I'm getting the knittin' itchies as we speak. (So to speak.) I believe I am paraphrasing Grumperina when I say that the same motion of K1P1 can turn into dull tedious ribbing or enchanting seed stitch. In any case, don't look for a photo of the booties. I don't even want to remember them.
My computer guru has graciously agreed to a visitation for the purpose of Laying On of Hands, so I can do more stuff on the blog, for the greater glory of knitting and greyhounds. Stay tuned : tomorrow I go to my Massage Guy, and across the street is my favorite LYS.


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