Friday, March 10, 2006

Friday Randomness

I had hoped to have a photo of my completed bear today. Life is full of disappointments. In lieu of the bear, I offer a close-up of my favorite jammies, showing Tweety Bird knitting directly from a sheep. Oh, and Pearl says hello.
Since I'm new to this stuff, I'd appreciate any help and advice on enhancing my blog. How do I get all that interesting stuff on the sides of the page? How do I get my photo on my profile? I've tried but I keep getting negative messages in angry red.Have a good weekend everybody - I have to work. Boo.


Blogger Holly said...

Hi Leslie! I found your blog through Vicki at Knitorious and I am enjoying it so much. We're huge animal people (3 dogs, 3 cats). Love the Tweety jammies.

5:45 AM  
Blogger hillary said...

Hi Leslie! I also found your blog through Vicki. I'm using Blogger too so I'd be happy to help answer questions if I can.

6:24 AM  
Blogger Jenn said...

Hi Leslie! Also here via Vicki - going to try to answer some questions for you. To upload a picture, you already have to have it somewhere on the internet - I used - it's free and so far I haven't hit a limit uploading pictures. Then you can copy and paste your picture URL into the spot on your profile where it asks for it. As far as links and stuff in the side go, go to your template and scroll down. You'll see something that says "begin sidebar." It will then have the code for your profile and then an "h2 class sidebar title" note - between the <> boxes you can type in whatever you want the sidebar title to be. You can copy this and have as many "lists" on the sidebar as you want. begin after the sidebar title with < ul >. then you can list links like this < li >< a href="http://whatever you want here>name of website here< /a >< /li >. as many as you want, end your list with < /ul >. You'll need to remove the spaces between the brackets and the letters - blogger wouldn't let me "do it right" in the comments.
I hope that helps - sorry to be so long winded. email me if you need more help!

8:14 AM  
Blogger ney said...

hey! watta nice one!

2:04 AM  

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