Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Springtime, and parvo virus is in the air. The isolation ward at work has been busy, and I always volunteer for it, for the relative quiet. Sick puppies are pretty subdued. Healthy twenty-something girlygirls, on the other hand, can literally cause pain with their screeches and shrieks.
Oh, wait, I'm trying not to be judgmental this week. Darn.
It's also hot in isolation. You put on latex gloves, then plastic booties, then a stiff gown of unknown origin, then another pair of gloves. Then, ha ha! you try to change a catheter bandage.If you can do it without swearing or taping your fingers together, you get a prize.


Blogger christine said...

it sounds as though you may have reasons to be judgmental.........smiling...

1:24 PM  

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