Sunday, May 07, 2006

Goodness Gracious

The first picture is the main drag of the Howard County fairgrounds, about 45 minutes before the S&W festival opened, at 9am Saturday. The clump of people down there is the t-shirt line.
This picture is about 10:30 am. The tshirt line is longer, and this is the last chance I had to get a whaddia callit, pan shot? landscape shot?From here on, my view was limited to people's backs.
More later. I'm tending to my sunburn, and playing with my new toys.


Blogger vlb5757 said...

Leslie, I am horribly sorry that I missed your call. I was standing in line for lunch and didn't hear it ring in my pocket. By the time I checked the phone it was 3 and you mentioned you called at 2. I went straight to the auction and there was hardly anyone there. I didn't have your number so I couldn't call you back. I feel awful about missing you.

FYI: that picture that you took of folks standing in line for T-shirts; I WAS STANDING IN THAT LINE AT THE VERY TIME YOU TOOK THAT PICTURE!!! How weird is that??

I even missed Wendy's booksigning because she wasn't where her blog said she would be and I walked about for over an hour asking anyone if they knew where she was. So two screw ups on Saturday!!

4:23 AM  

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