Wednesday, April 25, 2007

WTF Wed. April 25

While looking for something else in the bookcase, I came across this knitting book I forgot I had. Discovered in a used-book store in England, it has patterns from cute to bizarre. Wool underpants for little kids? ah, no thanks. Reprinted in 1949,and frustratingly devoid of an original publishing date, it probably appealed to the post-World War II Brits still dealing with shortages. (Britain had meat rationing until 1956.)Makes ya grateful, no?

This little round thingy was crumpled up on the grass at a yard sale this past Saturday. The embroidery looks quite old. The back is just like the front, only "loopier", perhaps to serve as a hotplate for something dainty, like a silver teapot. Cost a dollar.


Blogger Cate K said...

my mil is a Brit and remembers the bombing of London. She also remembers the wool lacy underwear. She laments that fact that she cannot find it anymore because she says that when it is cold and damp (England in winter), there is nothing better.

2:48 AM  

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