Sunday, September 03, 2006

I Know Why They Called it The Dark Ages

When I lived in a Fan District apartment, I had a gas water heater, gas cooking stove, and a woodstove for heat. Power failures didn't slow me down at all. Now I live in a house just outside of the city, and my daily routine is at the mercy of every passing storm. (Whimper. Whine.)

Friday night was alright - enough hot water for a shower; dinner out, knitting by candlelight. By Saturday morning the novelty had worn off. I bought a propane camp stove, and wondered if I could heat enough water for a bath. Lucy and I stretched out on the couch to ponder the matter further, and the phone woke us. It was the cheerful, sympathetic robot voice of the power company, telling me the power was back on. Civilization has returned. Chaos is averted...til the next time...


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