Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Vacation in Tuscany

Last week I lived in a country villa. I took photos of the sunsets from my patio balcony, and slept in a loft over my sitting room. I visited Florence, Siena, Lucca,(all of which have yarn shops worth seeking out) plus other little medieval towns. The photos haven't been edited yet; I hope to whittle them down from the 835 on my memory cards. This is my favorite so far. I held my camera down so he wouldn't know I was taking his picture; I wasn't sure I'd gotten him in the frame at all til I looked at it later. It's Sunday afternoon in the town of Tavernelle Val di Pesa.


Blogger TheYarnLounge said...

I think Walker Evans used to ride the subway in NYC with his camera inside his jacket and the lens peeking out between buttons, so that people wouldn't know that he was taking their picture. Of the pictures that I've seen of your trip, I think I like this one the best, too.

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