Thursday, June 28, 2007

Patient of the Day

Rupert the Chicken was on his way to the local Tyson processing plant, riding in one of those rolling poultry prisons, on route 288. Somehow, he got out of his crate and escaped, injuring a wing when he landed on the highway. Along comes one of our intrepid vet assistants, on her way to work. She scoops up poor Rupert and continues on her way.

He has his own recuperation suite, with all the chickenfeed he can eat, and various delicacies to tempt his appetite. His rescuer takes him out for fresh air several times a day, and encourages him to choose his own worms from the yard. He sticks close to his human, tho; we think he has been an indoor chicken from birth.

When Rupert's wing has healed, he will live out his days on a nearby farm. Don't you love happy endings?


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