Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Living on the Edge

(This photo of a Jacob sheep and hangers-on is put here for no particular reason.)
There have been things hanging over my head that I didn't want to reveal until they were resolved, jinx and all that. Big sigh of relief. 1) I've been driving Sven around with an expired rejection sticker, waiting for a new seatbelt to come in. I'm legal again. 2) My tax guy came around today, and I can afford to be an American for one more year. 3) I mentioned to the Tax Guy that although I had downloaded my new anti-virus thingy, I wasn't sure I had correctly installed it. He hit a few keys , muttered a few incantations, and glory be the anti-virus-ness is installed and humming away. I feel so safe, so secure, and I will feel this way for, oh, another five minutes.


Blogger christine said...

damn, can you even imagine life without anxiety? Not me.

9:18 AM  

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