Saturday, February 24, 2007

Friday Shopping

Gift certificates in hand, I schlepped to Southside. Free yarn is the only thing that will lure me to a yarn store I don't like. Arriving at the opening time, I found the door locked, the lights out. Hmm, maybe my watch was fast. I sat in my car for 5 or so minutes, then returned to see someone vacuuming, the door still locked, the wall clock showing it was past time for the door to be open and cold potential customers to be granted access.

The bead store next door was clearly being run by a non-slacker, so I browsed there and warmed up. Some little bell-like doodads caught my eye, and the shop lady helped me pick out the rings I needed to put together my own stitch markers. Small, light, easily seen. Rings were 50 cents each, bells were a dime each. (Barbie glasses included for scale.)

Back at the yarn store, I stocked up on Lamb's Pride. It was the only thing they had that I like.


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