Saturday, June 30, 2007

Wicker Man

When they do a remake of a movie, it is my habit to run right out and see the original. Undeterred by the terrible reviews given the Nicholas Cage version, I got the one with Edward Woodward.

The other attractions were Christopher Lee, and ... Scotland. I had hopes that the effect on me would be like that of Local Hero - at the end of that movie I wanted to get up, leave the tv on, leave the door unlocked, and Go To Scotland.

Disappointment. It was made in 1973, and Christopher Lee's wig looked like Sally Field's from Steel Magnolias. His costumes were awful, and got worse when he led the May Day procession in a granny gown and Elvira wig.

Oh well, I can always catch Edward Woodward in Breaker Morant and reruns of The Equalizer.


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