Wednesday, November 08, 2006

More Culture in Small Bites

The lure of Florence's Archeological Museum was, for me, the Etruscan section. I figured I'd have to look at the inevitable ancient grooming devices, such as those itty bitty spoon-type thingies on long thin handles, used to clean ears. Yuck. An inordinate number of those seem to have survived.

Pleasantly surprised to find nothing of the kind, I lingered over the Egyptian tomb furniture, and the metal chariot. A guard reminded me that closing time was approaching, so I scooted through the mummy room, paid my respects to the Greeks,and revelled in the Etruscans. When they started turning out the lights I backtracked to see the chariot again, and the lights in the mummy room went out just as I walked in. I kept going but it was creepy. Some of them weren't wrapped all the way.

I didn't see anyone else until I got to the exit.


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