Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Swatch Hat

There was a pleasant surprise waiting for me when I visited the Yarn Lounge this past weekend. Cate got a newer camera, so she returned mine. Also in the bag,as a thank you gift, was a lovely mug with greyhounds on it. The image is from The Hunting Book, a medieval manuscript. Cate pointed me toward websites with other photos from the same book, but I couldn't access them. Swearing did no good. So yesterday I ordered a modern reprint from Powell's Used Books.

While at the Yarn Lounge I picked up a new book, Knitting for Peace. When I saw the Care Wear Preemie Jester Hat, I knew it would make an excellent circular swatch/hat for my Italian cashmere. If I'm going to knit in the round, I always swatch in the round, and I didn't want any of this wonderful yarn to go unused. The color's a bit, ah, subtle for a baby, but it won't show dirt, which is a priority.

Highlight of my workday : me and 3 others giving an enema to a Great Dane.


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