Saturday, June 30, 2007

Wicker Man

When they do a remake of a movie, it is my habit to run right out and see the original. Undeterred by the terrible reviews given the Nicholas Cage version, I got the one with Edward Woodward.

The other attractions were Christopher Lee, and ... Scotland. I had hopes that the effect on me would be like that of Local Hero - at the end of that movie I wanted to get up, leave the tv on, leave the door unlocked, and Go To Scotland.

Disappointment. It was made in 1973, and Christopher Lee's wig looked like Sally Field's from Steel Magnolias. His costumes were awful, and got worse when he led the May Day procession in a granny gown and Elvira wig.

Oh well, I can always catch Edward Woodward in Breaker Morant and reruns of The Equalizer.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Patient of the Day

Rupert the Chicken was on his way to the local Tyson processing plant, riding in one of those rolling poultry prisons, on route 288. Somehow, he got out of his crate and escaped, injuring a wing when he landed on the highway. Along comes one of our intrepid vet assistants, on her way to work. She scoops up poor Rupert and continues on her way.

He has his own recuperation suite, with all the chickenfeed he can eat, and various delicacies to tempt his appetite. His rescuer takes him out for fresh air several times a day, and encourages him to choose his own worms from the yard. He sticks close to his human, tho; we think he has been an indoor chicken from birth.

When Rupert's wing has healed, he will live out his days on a nearby farm. Don't you love happy endings?

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Roz Blanket

Due to popular demand ( an off-hand query by Chesley ) I'm blogging again.

Roz is a serious fiber person : she deals with sheep for a living. A dozen or so denizens of the Yarn Lounge, plus owner Stewart, conspired to make The Roz Blanket. Melanie, despite her misgivings about having thirteen different components, stitched it all together and added the border. Sunday afternoon was the presentation. Roz suspected nothing, even when we raised glasses of champagne to her. Then, (photo one) she notices the blanket ( or did we decide it was really a throw? ). All but one of the strips are perfectly beautiful. I was going for the folk art look, myself, and the concept might be described as a design flaw. But there's as much love in my bit as everyone else's. The other photos are of some of the relevant celebrants.

Saturday, June 16, 2007


While the weather has been tolerable, I've been attending to outdoor chores, very pleased with myself at the progress I've made, and at the number of things that are being crossed off the list.

Then I found a soft patch on the porch floor. And another. I think I've discovered them all now, and a coworker's husband is coming over soon to See What Can Be Done. He doesn't seem to think it's a big deal. I wish I felt that way.

Monday, June 04, 2007

WWII Trivia : Happy B-Day Lucy

Field Marshall Rommel was in charge of the coastal defenses in France. The Germans didn't know exactly where, or exactly when, the Allies would try to invade Europe. Things looked pretty calm the first few days of June, so Rommel took the weekend off and went home to celebrate the birthday of his wife, Lucy, on June 4. He was a little late getting back to work on Monday, and without him, D-Day turned out better for us than it might have.