Saturday, November 25, 2006

Hats, Mittens, Books

Greyhounds are a quiet bunch, as a rule. Stella the Foster is an exception. At 4 am she became jealous of the 4 others I'm babysitting. As I stumbled downstairs, song lyrics popped into my head
Four in the morning rain pouring down
the stove don't work, and my baby's left town

I don't recall the tune.

So I take pictures. Two swatch hats destined for Dulaan. Half of 3 pairs of mittens to go with hats commissioned last year. Medieval Hunting Scenes book, newly arrived. Stuff from the library, including the new Spenser book. Sample wisecrack : tough guy says "Who the f**k are you?" and Spenser replies "I often wonder, don't you? Late at night when you're alone?"

It's light out now. I'm going for a newspaper, then knitting and napping, if I can trick the dogs off the couch.

Friday, November 17, 2006

The New Bond

Just got back from Casino Royale. Daniel Craig is not sexy; Daniel Craig is Sex.

Patient of the Day

This guy's name is Keyser Soze, but he's a sweetheart.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Swatch Hat

There was a pleasant surprise waiting for me when I visited the Yarn Lounge this past weekend. Cate got a newer camera, so she returned mine. Also in the bag,as a thank you gift, was a lovely mug with greyhounds on it. The image is from The Hunting Book, a medieval manuscript. Cate pointed me toward websites with other photos from the same book, but I couldn't access them. Swearing did no good. So yesterday I ordered a modern reprint from Powell's Used Books.

While at the Yarn Lounge I picked up a new book, Knitting for Peace. When I saw the Care Wear Preemie Jester Hat, I knew it would make an excellent circular swatch/hat for my Italian cashmere. If I'm going to knit in the round, I always swatch in the round, and I didn't want any of this wonderful yarn to go unused. The color's a bit, ah, subtle for a baby, but it won't show dirt, which is a priority.

Highlight of my workday : me and 3 others giving an enema to a Great Dane.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

More Culture in Small Bites

The lure of Florence's Archeological Museum was, for me, the Etruscan section. I figured I'd have to look at the inevitable ancient grooming devices, such as those itty bitty spoon-type thingies on long thin handles, used to clean ears. Yuck. An inordinate number of those seem to have survived.

Pleasantly surprised to find nothing of the kind, I lingered over the Egyptian tomb furniture, and the metal chariot. A guard reminded me that closing time was approaching, so I scooted through the mummy room, paid my respects to the Greeks,and revelled in the Etruscans. When they started turning out the lights I backtracked to see the chariot again, and the lights in the mummy room went out just as I walked in. I kept going but it was creepy. Some of them weren't wrapped all the way.

I didn't see anyone else until I got to the exit.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I've been in a Parallel Universe

And I spent my time blogging but no one was there to read it. Here's what I've dragged over to THIS version of reality. They were originally titled My Favorite Museums.

In Florence, the Uffizi is crowded and dark, but you can't blow off the Renaissance, right? And ya gotta see the David at the Academy. After the Must Sees, you get to go to the little museums with no ticket lines, no security lines, no bathroom lines. Take your time. Ahhh.

Behind the Duomo is the Museo dell' Opera del Duomo. Stuff that used to be in the cathedral and baptistry are in here. The original 'Gates of Paradise' panels are in a light-filled interior courtyard. Michelangelo has a supporting part in another, less famous, pieta. There is spinning content, weaving content, and even greyhounds.