Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Way Out of the Loop

Last week gave my first dinner party in my house. I've only lived here 15 years. Saturday my new dog, Sunshine, arrived from the Florida track. Finished a sock and Lucy chewed the cuff and heel; everybody's a critic. Yesterday got new contact lenses (that don't fit), and was told I'm developing cataracts, tho it will be years before surgery is necessary. This morning, the dentist replaced 2 fillings that wore out. And I'm writing this at the library because the internet is on vacation at my house. Service man due tonight. Updates and photos as soon as the whirlwind stops. Now, I mustn't forget to stop by the desk and pick up the book that's on hold for me. Franklin, the Panopticon, recommended it recently. Can't resist a good German soap-opera.


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