Monday, October 29, 2007

Hey Neighbor

I can't call you cause the phone died. I took it to the Virgin store and the girl behind the counter looked at me pityingly and said they don't make these old ones anymore. I could get a new one for £14 but since the exchange rate sucks, and since I'll be home before you know it,I figured I'd wait. I decided to console myself with a new cd, so with my fingers in my ears, I took the escalator up to the third floor (tho they call it the 2nd) and pushed open the glass doors segregating the refined ( and deserted ) classical section from the lower floors. Not that I'm a snob; I do a fine air guitar to Warren Zevon's Lawyers Guns and Money. Anyway I treated myself to a little something, and proceeded to Food for Thought, that vegetarian restaurant where I chatted with William H. Macy a couple of visits ago. I almost bought a ticket to Spamalot, then realized I'd never stay awake that long. That reminds me... I'm the newspaper tonight, a poll said that Heathrow is the worst airport to fly out of, followed by Chicago's O'Hare. Great. I'll be going thru both of them any day now.


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