Friday, October 26, 2007

A Word to the Wise

Several, actually.

1) Don't take the train into or out of Paris, before, during, or after a rail strike.

2) The same goes for the duration of the Rugby World Cup finals, when played in Paris.

3) While in Paris, do make friends with a French-speaking English couple with 4 young, rambunctious children, and accompany them everywhere. The Musee D'Orsay will never be the same. Don't pass up the Ferris wheel in the Tuilleries, even if the 11 year old insists on making the open cage spin concentrically while ascending vertically. End the day with a delicious, leisurely dinner - geez them French folks know how to cook! - and thank your lucky stars you don't speak French or you wouldn't have had nearly as much fun.

That's it for the travel advice column today, kids. I'm in Petworth, in the South Downs region of UK, ready to assault local museums and antique shops.


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