Sunday, December 17, 2006

My Dad

I think about my dad whenever I get a new toy. He liked photography, and my first hand-me-down camera from him was an old Leica that he bought, I believe, before World War II. It had a leather case that fit it like a glove, with a matching, separate, light meter.

Dad died in 1977. He would have loved all the technological advancements that have come along since then. Whenever I acquire one, I have a conversation in my head with him about it. VCRs, CDs, PCs, DVDs, cell phones...I don't have an iPod but he would have had one...A friend was upgrading and gifted me with her old printer/fax/scanner/copier.It took me a week to gather the nerve to install it; I'm always afraid I'm going to strip gears or erase hard drives or something. There it is, no bigger than a bread box (anybody remember those?), with its friendly little lights blinking at me. Copiers used to be huge clanking things, always choking. And I can remember mimeograph machines - phew. Well. Whatever will they think of next? Stay tuned, Dad.


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