Tuesday, December 26, 2006

What Was I Thinking? the next chapter

It was a calm and pleasant Christmas, relatively speaking. I have seven greyhounds in the house, and this is more fun and less stress than most holidays I can remember. It helps when everyone decides to eat out of his/her own bowl.

Precious little knitting to report, though I have finished the flip-top mittens. (Scarf? What scarf?)

While checking in on http://www.cuteoverload.com/,which cheers me up every day, I was led to two new-to-me sites, which may well become daily habits : http://www.overheardinnewyork.com/ and http://www.marriedtothesea.com/.

Of course, not a day goes by that I don't check in with Franklin, and Dolores his live-in sheep ( it's ok, he's gay ) at http://the-panopticon.blogspot.com/


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